Interview med Marc Jacobs

af Miriam 13/03/2013
What would be your ultimate styling rules for girls, tips to be remembered to the girls when getting dressed?Yah, that whole thing about body shape

What would be your ultimate styling rules for girls, tips to be remembered to the girls when getting dressed?

Yah, that whole thing about body shape and so on. But I just wear what I like. I'm always feeling like, if I'm doing something for myself, I don't think if that looks good on other people, like ideal good. I would suggest that get dressed to yourself first, and you look better. If you are comfortable in your own skin and your own clothes.

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You get so many offers from different brands, how do you choose what you do?

Well I do not get that many offers, a few, but I guess, who is it asking and what they ask, if it works time wise, if we then can do it we do it.

You've been studying these 3 decades for the bottles, how do you reflects on these decades and are we living happy times?

I do not how everybody else is, but I feel happy at the moment. It probably because this was project of 30 sparkling years of Diet Coke , it was quit impulsive and there was not excessive amount of research, each of those decades are filled with a lot of different things and one of them, and its just a generalization, but I think that the entire 80's was about one thing, they were just instinctive, a means to put a kind of decorative figure of some kind of differentiation between the decades.

Is this a good time for designers to live in

Yeah, all times are I think, this time is just as good as any other.

I would like ask about artistic collaborations. You started a lot of quite dramatic ones at Louis Vuitton, was is a challenge to get into that, to risk that?

Those collaborations again were instinctive, I've seen and been touched by certain works and certain people, and then I just put it out for those people , and we just said that "oh, would you like to collaborate". Its very fruitful, its very rewarding for me and the team., to bring in someone from outside, who is doing something at that particular moment, that interests all of us at a visual level and sort of put our minds together on making something that maybe. And for me to work with someone with a different kind of creative capacity. And all of these have been collaborations, not just someone having an idea me just executing it, there's a lot of creative back and forth, and we arrive at something that both sides are very pleased of, for different reasons and same reasons. I feel that working with fashion photographers and models is a collaboration also, working on the shows is a collaboration, but it's quite nice to work with people outside the fashion. Also the enthusiasm is so different.

I do not really like putting people into boxes and boundaries, like artists should not work with fashion and fashion should not work with movies.

What make you scared?

Well nothing really scares me. Well I think very fearfully before the show weather people would like it, I get nervous, I start to worry the choices. I can change the fear to the excitement. I'm not really sure if I can differentiate those, If I'm excited or afraid. Cause you are putting yourself out there. You want to be liked but you cannot control what people would think about it. That kind of not knowing gives fear.

You told that being a designer is hard job, why is it?

A lot work, pressure, stress. You don't just sit there. It's not a tv movie, its real work. Like acting would be, Tv, any professional work. There comes frustrations and obstacles, responsibility, and, you cannot decide when you want those, so it's not an easy job but it's a job that I get a lot of pleasure of. And causing me a great deal of pain too. But I think that's life and you have to experience all feelings, not just the ones you want.

Do you have a work life balance?

I don't know if I really differentiate, like when asked what you do when you have time off. Well there are things that I enjoy, I do like going to gym, I go to galleries, look at art, I do love going to the theatre, I like sitting home watching the movies, TV shows I enjoy, I like dinners . a lot of my friends are related to work, a lot of them are not, but … I do not know. It's not the most important thing for me to differentiate what is work life what is personal life.

I think I do enjoy life. Some parts of it more than others. Like everybody else. I just try to experience it and accept that things are what they are.

Are you proud of yourself?

I feel proud of myself and all the people I work with. I feel happy that we have the passion. There is curiosity and desire to do things; there is pride that comes when accomplishing something. We all do what we do because we love it, that more than any other reason.

What is the most exciting part of the creative process?

The journey…? Actual… putting it together… there are again a lots of bumps and obstacles, you know, when something does work, when you see the fruit of your work, and it worked out, and is exactly what we wanted it to be, there a reward in that, its very satisfying,

Do you ever go shopping?

Well I like to shop other things than fashion, antique furniture, art - usually, after show I like to go out for a little shopping … well today I ordered Coke products..

What is the future of fashion business and what might be the big trends for this decade?

I do not know, I do not have a clue. I do not know what will happen tomorrow, or an hour from now. So I do not really want to think about the future, I think what keeps you excited is not knowing. I rather not think about it. Even if I came up with an answer, I'm not sure if I it would matter because I think God has plans and I certainly cannot control what they are.

So if you were to design a 4th bottle, what you would take from this decade on that, to symbolize the decade?

Oh, I'm done. 3 bottles are enough.

I'm thinking about your cross roads, who you are today, is there something that your family has destined to you.

I was very close to my grandmother growing, she always really believed in me. And was very supportive, she was very fashionable. She I decided at an early age that I wanted to be a fashion designer, and she told that to people at the supermarket "my grandson will be a great designer one day". So I have always had support. From people I love, that's very important to encouragement, not just somebody saying, oh yeah, you can do it, but actually believing in you, and I think I was very lucky to have that.

What would you advice for those trying to have a break through?

Believe in yourself, don't give up, that's what worked for me. Me and my partner we were so many time in and out from business, we were fired from jobs, because we had each other we encouraged each other, Let's get through this… move on, I have never had this kind of passion for anything else, I continued to have curiosity.

What makes Kate Moss so fabulous to you?

There is just nothing about in her that I do not like, she's a great person, a great energy, we have mutual friends, we kind of ended up in the very beginning….I never see Kate as a rebellious person, I see her as an honest person, as a person who does what she pleases, and does not give a shit about what other people think about, there is no shame or guilt in how she behaves,

She just represented something much more youthful, much more real that a lot of other girls.

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